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E-3 Process


 Where you are and where you

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Frameworks that build toward your ideal financial future


Your financial plan with a dedication to helping you achieve your goals

3-Point Optimization Process

Our process is built around the understanding that our clients’ needs are not one size fits all. Different careers, family dynamics, lifestyles and aspirations dictate the need for individualized plans that are centered around your priorities and goals.

Personal Financial View Analysis

Data engineered analysis that provides a diagnostic of your current position and trajectory.

Developed on the basis of your goals which include retirement age, monthly income need, and retirement longevity. By using various assumptions and scenarios, we can determine your Family Index Number.

The investment return needed on your assets helps you arrive unscathed on your journey to financial independence.

We break this up between pre-retirement growth rate and post retirement growth rate.

Stress Test

We take a forward look at your financial solutions which helps determine whether they would break under the different levels of stress. 

Your investment strategies should be prepared for various magnitudes of risk factors; not reactive to them.

Stress Test analysis uses Relative Strength as the basis to the level of risk each security has relative to one another. The GOAL is to take the least amount of risk for the amount of return you would like to achieve for YOUR money.

 By using technology and the analysis of data, we can have the advantage. 

Optimization Strategy :
We Guide, You Decide

Our framework helps you reach and optimize your goals.

A 3-bucket approach drives your portfolio investment strategies.

Preservation Bucket
Maintenance Bucket
Aspiration Bucket

Each bucket has one or several dedicated strategies.

This enables clients to have portfolios that work in various market environments.

Our strategies are geared for both offense and defense.

Risk-Allocation Strategy 

The Preservation Bucket

Is where your safety lives. It’s your liquidity, established in cash, treasuries, and money market accounts that will allow you to preserve your lifestyle in the event something goes “amiss.”

The Maintenance Bucket

Commonly consists of stocks and bonds.  This bucket will not make you wealthy, but it is designed to maintain your lifestyle after tax and inflation, with a little growth left over.

The Aspirational Bucket

Is where you can truly eclipse inflation for future needs more than a decade away. Investing in multiple equity strategies will help you diversify the risks of just having one strategy for your money. The goal here is to take a higher degree of risk for a higher return over a longer period of time.


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